Luke Rossmo is a bright, burgeoning, singer-songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan. His sound is a unique blend of acoustic pop, rock and folk music, inspired by his favourite artists; Dave Matthews Band, Mumford and Sons, Pearl Jam and Ed Sheeran. Attending Luke's live show will take you on both a harrowing and exciting journey through the vastness of the emotional spectrum. His music tells stories of sadness, nostalgia, and discomfort through to pure joy, relaxation, happiness, and love. The songs are presented through a combination of his unique guitar playing, his diverse voice which ranges from soft, sweet highs to booming, powerful lows, and his intense, charming, funny, and inviting stage presence. Luke’s quirky, engaging, personality shines through at each performance,  making you feel welcome while he expresses himself through his music.    



Luke was born to perform. Singing to anything and everything as a young child, he also began playing the guitar, inspired by his dad who would play a mix of flamenco and classic rock. Writing songs was the next piece to come, strongly influenced by his favourite artists. His songs are beautiful, complex combinations of his musical influences and his own life experiences. Finally, to fulfil his dreams of performing live in front of a crowd, he had to face his stage fright and since facing his fear he has not looked back. and never looked back. 


Luke's first full-length album is now available for streaming, download or physical purchase. A seven-track, thematically diverse, explosion of sound; it will explore love and struggle in the tracks “Broken Home” and “Like You Used To”, consider the passing of time and staying present in the moments of our life in “Younger Years” and “Day Dreams”, and finishes off with a fun, catchy, pop song about going with the flow in “Life’s Wave”. 

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