Verse 1

Daddy comes home, smoke out his ears 

Like a cartoon character whos been on for years 

He yells and he screams to hide his pain 

From giving up on his calling

Verse 2 

Mommy bakes cookies, I eat them all 

She smokes and she drinks, to feel dull 

She smiles and she nods to hide her pain 

from giving up on her dreams 


They fight when they mean to say 

That there so sorry 


The baby cries down the hall 

Tears crash like waterfall 

Can all the kings horses and all the kings men 

put this broken 


Back together again

Verse 3 

They hide but don't seek when he comes home 

They go to their friends when she's acting odd

And they question their teachers when they preach of God





Your tears on me 

Rain, Rain, 

Your tears on me 

Rain, Rain, Rain 

Your love on me

Cause I need somebody who cares