The Music

Last year, Luke released his first single called "It's You".  It is a catchy, pop song exclaiming, "the worlds a little brighter when I'm with you" that will quickly have you singing along. You can hear it on apple music, Spotify and other music streaming services.



Currently, Luke is recording his first full-length album.  The album is a culmination of the last four years of songwriting.  Throughout this time, Luke has written many songs; exploring the craft of writing, exploring themes, and digging deeper with each effort.  Through trial, error, and experimentation, Luke has found his voice and is thrilled to be recording his best work so far. 

The songs on his upcoming album embody various themes ranging from sombre to joyous. “Life's Wave" ponders how life is easier when you go with the flow. "Younger Years"  explores how becoming a parent deepens the appreciation you have for your own parents or parental figures.  “Us” describes a relationship on the brink with a partner hanging on to save it. "Raging Sea" is similar, thematically, exploring a stormy sea as a metaphor for a relationship. "Like You Used To" depicts a friends descent into pain after a horrible event. “Broken Home” is a fierce ballad about a struggling family.  Finally, “Day Dreams” considers the passing time, being present to the moments of life, and how easy it is to substitute the moment with a daydream.